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Start Dog Grooming School Now! 

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Dog Grooming Classes

pet grooming courses

Lawonn teaching creative grooming
 on a Chihuahua


We have had many award winning students. 
This is Melanie shown here winning 1st place
at the Atlanta Pet Fair competition.

     Peni From Japan  and Lisa from the
Philippines hand scissoring a Puli

  We are truly living up to our "International" name!

We are approved by the Department of Homeland Security to issue I-20 Visas to foreign students.  

dog grooming school

Night Class Hours at All Locations 
This means you can complete more hours per week at our Pet Grooming School than any school anywhere and 
Graduate in as little as 8-10 weeks!

Our Newest Location is NOW OPEN!!! 
Over 9000 square feet total of the most cutting edge equipment!

Our Mission:

To exceed student expectations by providing the best quality pet groomer courses in the world and preparing them for an extremely financially successful and rewarding future in the pet grooming industry.

dog grooming schools

The Difference!  Our Academy Features:

dog grooming classes

Payment Plans!

dog grooming courses

dog grooming school videos

Optional Class Times

dog grooming school pictures

All Instructors are Certified

pet grooming school

100% Job placement success

images from dog grooming school

Extraordinary Training Programs

dog grooming school

Custom create your own schedule

grooming school

Lifetime job placement assistance

grooming school pictures

85% of pets groomed are purebreds!

grooming schol

Most efficient fluff drying possible is taught

grooming school directory

Willingness to teach students with handicaps

grooming school in

Tremendous success in teaching deaf students

grooming classes

Day and Evening/Weekend Classes are available

grooming school

Transfer from one location to another at any time!

grooming school

A Video and Book Library available for student use

grooming school

Located only 30 minutes from a major Local Airport

dog grooming school

First class student housing available with pets welcome!

grooming school online

Cage drying taught when possible to maximize efficiency

dog grooming school

Lots of "Hands On" individual instruction for each student

pet grooming school

Professional bathers who bathe and dry your pets for you!

grooming school information

More class hours per week available than any other school

grooming school info

Train at one of the busiest pet grooming salons in the world!

dog grooming school

A money back refund policy if you're not happy for any reason

dog grooming school information

More purebred pets for students to groom than any other school

pet grooming school information

Long Distance externships available to finish your training near home 

grooming school picture

The lowest price per hour of instruction available at any grooming school

dog grooming school pictures

Our locations have 9000+ square feet of all the most cutting edge equipment

dog grooming videos

Efficiency in grooming is stressed to make you the most profitable groomer possible

dog grooming school

No stress like too many other grooming schools- We're happy, laid back, fun people!

grooming school in

We are the only major* school that teaches clipper vacuuming for maximum efficiency

dog grooming school in

Students groom the pets of many top celebrities including Whitney Houston and Usher!

 Call now!  Class size is limited to 5 students starting per class at each location!


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Our Hours

Monday through Saturday  7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


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