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Our Marietta Teaching Site
Our new teaching site is located in Marietta, Georgia, which is  Northwest of Atlanta.  It is 6000 square feet loaded with all new equipment, including stainless steel tubs, cabinet dryers, a walk-in shower for extra large dogs and a separate drying room and fluff drying area.  It has a full kitchen for the comfort and convenience of the students.  This facility also has a full boarding kennel and Doggie Daycare, so it also allows the students to learn additional options in the pet industry and see them in daily operations.  At this facility also, over 85% of the pets groomed are purebreds.  This is unequaled in any school or grooming salon anywhere!  Come and learn what is making us such a success!






Our Alpharetta Teaching Site
ur original teaching site is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, just North of Atlanta.  It is over 3000 square feet loaded with all the most modern equipment including Hydro surge tubs, an extensive video and book library, huge grooming rooms and a separate drying room and fluff drying area.  It has been featured on several TV programs.  It has a client base of over 15,000 customers from which students can draw experience in common and many rare breeds
Over 85% of the pets we groom everyday are purebreds!  No other grooming school anywhere has near this many purebreds being groomed on a daily basis.  This means that at our school you will have many more opportunities to groom all breeds.  The average grooming salon has less than 40% purebreds groomed.  The average grooming school averages even less.


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