Our unique teaching methods allow you to progress through your course learning each of the grooming steps and techniques from an instructor who is an expert in their position.  Thus you will have the advantage of learning from several different highly skilled instructors AND learn at your own pace.

What you are going to learn in the
Complete Professional Pet Designer Course- 1000 Hours

This course includes instruction for all breeds of dogs, cats and more exotic pets 

When you apply, you will immediately receive your extensive student training manual via online delivery so that can you can begin preparing and learning before you even get to school. 


First, you will receive an orientation of 50 hours consisting of:

  bullet School Policies and procedures
  bullet Salon Organization and layout
  bullet Accident Prevention and Shop Safety
  bullet Developing a routine order for maximum efficiency
  bullet Identification and proper Use of Tools and Equipment
  bullet First Aid for People and Pets (video)
  bullet Pet CPR (video)
  bullet Breed Identification
  bullet Pet Body Language & Behavior
  bullet Handling & Holding Techniques for bathing and prepping
  bullet Use of muzzles for your safety and the safety of the pet
  bullet Anatomy and range of motion

The Orientation will be followed by 150 hours of basics* which will include:

  bullet Trimming Bangs & Feet
  bullet Body clipping
  bullet Basic "Shave Downs"  & Lion Clips
  bullet Pre-clipping
  bullet Continuing to develop your routine
  bullet Beginning hair clips
  bullet Scissoring teddy bear feet and faces
  bullet Use of additional grooming tools
  bullet Instruction on Clipper, Scissor and Blade Maintenance & Repair
  bullet Use of the L.I.P.S. system for proper restraint of pets
  bullet Prepping pets for their bath
  bullet Benefits and methods for dremeling nails
  bullet Ear hair plucking
  bullet Nail trimming
  bullet Trimming sanitary areas
  bullet Trimming pads and faces
  bullet Checking for matts
  bullet Proper Shampoo Selection
  bullet Ear Cleaning & Deodorizing
  bullet Expressing Anal Glands
  bullet Proper and Efficient Bathing Techniques
  bullet Using bathing systems for maximum efficiency
  bullet Learning when its appropriate to air dry for maximum efficiency
  bullet Proper use of high velocity forced air dryers
  bullet Proper Fluff Drying techniques
  bullet High velocity drying safety
  bullet Avoiding brush burns
  bullet Filling out "Report Cards"

Then you will begin progressing through your next 200 hours
of training which will include demonstrations and practice in:


  bullet Setting breed patterns
  bullet Clipping poodle feet and faces
  bullet Clipping Cats
  bullet Trimming for Mixed Breeds
  bullet Finishing touches
  bullet Use of Snap On Speed Combs
  bullet Clips for the sporting group
  bullet Simple clips for the non-sporting group
  bullet Clips for the terrier group
  bullet Begin a Portfolio Album of Your Finished Work
  bullet Proper brushing
  bullet Skin Problem Identification
  bullet Safe handling and bathing of cats (optional)
  bullet Flea and Tick Identification and Removal
  bullet Specialized wet shedding techniques
  bullet Safe and efficient removal of matts
  bullet Safe use of dematting tools  
  bullet Use of special de-shedding tools
  bullet Purpose of pre-clipping
  bullet Proper use of Tools and Equipment
  bullet Handling difficult or aggressive pets
  bullet Handling Young Puppies and Kittens
  bullet Handling aged pets
  bullet Handling & Holding Techniques for grooming
  bullet Difference between manhandling and proper restraint of pets
  bullet Making and applying Bows & Bandanas
  bullet Rare Breed Grooming
  bullet Advanced Poodle Patterns
  bullet Hand scissoring
  bullet Bichon and other advanced clips
  bullet Efficiency and speed grooming Techniques
Then you will follow with        
your next 600 hours of training which will include instruction, demonstrations and practice in:
  bullet Continued practice in increasing your skill level and efficiency
  bullet Creating a portfolio of your finished work
  bullet Time management in a salon to maximize production and profits
  bullet Pricing Your Services
  bullet Building your business
  bullet Client Relations
  bullet Building repeat business
  bullet Computers and software for managing your business
  bullet Comparisons of Leading Mobile Grooming Van Manufacturers
  bullet Mobile Grooming Business Management
  bullet Choosing the right equipment to purchase for your own business
  bullet Selecting vendors for your supplies and marketing materials
  bullet Completing a Portfolio Album of Your Finished Work
  bullet Marketing and Advertising techniques
  bullet Choosing the best employer for you
  bullet Bringing all the steps together for maximum efficiency
  bullet Sculpting and skimming
  bullet Hand Stripping Demonstration
  bullet Advanced Pet Design techniques for extra pizzazz
  bullet Creative styling and coloring
*If you have prior professional experience in bathing pets you may accelerate through this part of the course after we ensure that you are competent in our techniques for each step and procedure.   


In order to receive a certificate of graduation you must demonstrate that you are capable of performing a minimum of eight complete hair cuts in an eight hour period according to our standards, however we guarantee we will enable you to groom 10-12 pets per day with the use of the efficiency techniques taught only at our school!  See our guarantee for more information.

Contact Us Now to register!  Class sizes are limited!

Two sheep waiting for their bath and
grooming to get pretty for a Christmas play

Kim wondering if this sheep will behave better than a dog in the tub-
There's no end to the surprises we have at grooming school!



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