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We strongly encourage you to check out and if possible, visit other Pet Grooming Schools!  You will find many significant differences and find why our school has been voted the best in the world for 16 years straight!  Here are just some of the differences you will find:

bulletNo other school has the confidence or ability to guarantee that every graduate of our 1000 hour course can groom 10-12 pets per day.  There's nothing like this guarantee anywhere in the world!  Just ask the other schools what they guarantee you can groom at the time you graduate.  No other school offers ANY guarantee of this sort!  The difference greatly affects your income FOREVER!  Don't handicap yourself by making the mistake of attending an inferior school.  Make the investment in yourself and train with the best grooming school in the world.  You deserve the best!
bullet We give you extensive grooming Business Training and teach you how to be as profitable as possible whether you own your own business or work for someone else.  Grooming is really fun, but you enjoy it a whole lot more when you are making amazing amounts of money.  You will know exactly how to start and operate a highly efficient and highly profitable business and grow it to as big as you want it to be.  There are no limits to how much you can earn when you know how to run your business the right way.  No other school trains you as thoroughly on every aspect of the business as we do.

As an additional option, if you aren't ready to start your groomer training yet, or you already know how to groom pets, you can
Take Our Business Course Separately or Online

bulletOver 85% of the dogs that our students groom are purebred dogs.  This is unmatched anywhere in the world!  The average grooming salon grooms less than 40% purebred dogs and the average grooming school does even less.  What this means for you is that you get to practice and learn on the very best.  If you learn how to do all the purebreds, you will know how to do the mixed breeds.  However, if you learn on mostly mixed breeds, you will not know how to do the purebreds when they walk in your door. 
bulletAt all other schools you always have to continue bathing and fluff drying all the pets that you groom.  At our school, we have professionally trained bathers that will always bathe and fluff dry your pets for you once you have completed the first 100 hours of your course.  That means that at our school you can focus your time on learning the hair clips and not waste your time bathing and drying pets after you've already learned how to do it.
bulletWe have the most flexible scheduling of any school anywhere.  No where else can you custom create your schedule with the same amount of flexibility that we have or have as many hours per week to choose from.  In addition, you cannot miss a week, a month or a year at other schools and just pick up where you left off whenever you need to.  We can offer you that option due to our revolutionary individualized training methods.  We are the industry leaders in training methods.
bulletWe are the only school that places a major emphasis on efficiency and speed grooming techniques to maximize your income.  Our goal is to teach you a profession that you love, but also to make you as financially successful as possible doing what you enjoy!
bulletNo other school has a reputation for such high quality graduates that they have a lengthy waiting list of employers who will compete for our students!  Our reputation in the industry is so great that employers will scramble to hire one of our graduates and often even pay their tuition.
bulletWe are the only pet grooming school that can boast 100% job placement success for our graduates.  We have NEVER had a graduate that we could not offer several positions, in their home town, by graduation.  Again, this is due to the excellent training that our graduates receive.  We also offer lifetime job placement assistance for our graduates.
bulletWe give a money back guarantee with no questions asked!  If you're not happy for any reason, or your situation changes, you will get a prorated refund for uncompleted hours. 
bulletWith us, you get to train at one of the busiest and most successful grooming salons in the world!  We will teach you how we became so successful!  In addition, because of the abundance of pets to groom here, there is no sharing of pets like at other schools.  You get plenty of your own pets to work on.
bulletWe offer the very best value for your money and the very best all around grooming and business training available anywhere in the world at ANY price.
bulletWe have two locations that you can learn from and switch back and forth at any time.  This gives you a much broader range of experiences to learn from.  Our two locations are only 12 miles apart, making it easy to learn at both of them if you choose.
bulletIn our desire to give back, we are helping to open this industry up to people with various handicaps and physical or mental challenges.  We believe everyone deserves a chance who loves animals and has a strong desire to learn this profession.  Since grooming is a highly visual activity, we find that many people with learning disorders can learn to groom very easily.     
bullet As the leading pet grooming school in the world, suppliers with new products or inventions come to us to test their equipment and ideas.  As a result, we offer the best of the best equipment for you to use during your training in addition to telling you what equipment NOT to waste your money on!  No tired old broken down equipment at our schools! 
bullet Groom the pets of top celebrities at our school.  What does this mean for you, besides that it's fun to brag to your friends and family about it?  See how our past graduates have used this privilege to their advantage in the press releases about their training at our school.  Future customers and/or employers alike can't help but be impressed by the confidence displayed in your abilities by these famous people!  Think of how it will make you look to a future employer or a customer to have a picture in your portfolio of you grooming Whitney Houston's Yorkie "Doogie", or Usher's Siberian Husky or any of the other many famous celebrity pets you will be grooming at our school.

Please don't take our word for any of this!  We really encourage you to go visit other schools and then visit us.  We offer tours and Q&A sessions at both locations by appointment.  The remarkable excellence we offer is so far superior to the others that there will be no question in your mind.  We are so far ahead of the industry that we feel you would be handicapping your future by attending any other school.  Don't make that mistake.  You owe it to yourself and your future to train with the best!  If you are restricted by either physical location or financial resources, then consider taking our online courses with our easy payment plan.


grooming school

grooming school

Jamie from Nebraska with a Labradoodle so big he had to use two tables!

Taylor from Sicily, Italy following suit with his big dog.



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