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Application Fee

There is no charge to apply to the school, however there is a student manual fee of $150 which is non-refundable.  Your manual will be delivered to you instantly via online delivery as soon as you pay the fee.  This way, you can begin learning the moment you apply for school. 
     We must have your completed application to hold your place in class.  You can choose and/or change your school start date any time after you have completed your application. 


Bailey the Llama from Peru being groomed
like a giraffe!  The fun never ends!

Complete Professional Groomer Course-  $6500 for 1000 Hours of practical hands on training, video and written instruction.  This course is a complete start to finish grooming course for beginners with no prior grooming experience This is "hands on" training and not available online.

Professional Grooming Business Course-  $1000 for extensive training on the business aspects of how to be the most profitable groomer possible regardless of whether you own your own business or work for someone else.  When finished with this course, you will not only know how to start a grooming business, but dramatically increase the customer base and profits of any existing grooming business.  Even if you don't own your own business, you can rapidly increase your grooming profits with this course.  This course alone can triple the average income of even a mediocre groomer.  This course is offered both at school or online for those that can't travel to our school. 

Maximum Grooming Efficiency Course-  $1000 this course is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of any groomer, no matter how experienced they are.  It includes instruction on every possible option, technique and trick to make you more efficient and therefore earn more money for the rest of your life. This course is taught both in class or online for those that can't travel to our school. 

Specialized Courses- We have specialized or advanced classes available at a flat rate of $50 per hour of instruction.  Any individual portion of any course may also be taken at a rate of $50 per hour.

Online Courses-  For online courses, you only need to pay your course fee to begin your training.  Payment plans are also available for online courses.  Email us for details and to sign up now!

Veterans- Veterans may qualify for their tuition to be paid by the Veteran's Administration.  We have had many students who have been approved to attend our school.  The cost of the tuition and equipment was paid for by the V.A.

Our display at a show 

Justin 15 years old, bathing a Bull Mastiff


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