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You will receive Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

    We have been enjoying 100% job placement success!  There are job opportunities in a variety of types of businesses within the pet industry.  Pet shops, veterinarians, boarding kennels, dog trainers, pet super stores and pet breeders in addition to pet grooming salons always have positions available for pet groomers.  There is also a drastic shortage of professional groomers throughout the country and even the world!  Therefore graduating pet groomers have no difficulty obtaining a position immediately.  Most of our graduates have jobs lined up before graduation!  For graduate students who would like help in finding the right position, we offer lifetime job placement assistance.  We keep a list of employers all over the world that are currently seeking groomers.  You may contact us as often as you like to view our current listings.  We occasionally have positions available within our own salons and hire our best graduates to fill these positions.  

We assist in obtaining reimbursements of tuition for our top graduates in addition to higher pay and excellent benefits

     Our unique evaluation program gives you the possibility of receiving a reimbursement of your tuition from top employers around the country in addition to higher pay and other benefits.  We have employers all over who are competing for our top graduates as they recognize our graduates to be among the very best groomers in the industry.  With our program, prospective employers are able to choose from the Crème of the Crop- the best of the best.  Our students are evaluated throughout their education at our school in order to rate them for future employers.  We have been able to obtain positions which reimburse the graduate for their tuition, pay top (65-70%) commissions and provide other benefits such as medical insurance and 401K plans.  No other school offers this unique program!   

You're going to make a Professional Portfolio

    You will have the opportunity to compile a beautiful professional style portfolio of photographs, certificates and special awards depicting your achievements in class.  You are going to be very proud of how professional your portfolio looks!  This will be very helpful in presenting your work to potential employers and future customers.  (And you're going to love showing it off to your family and friends!)

Lifetime career support

    We aren't going to forget about you once you've left us and started your career!   (You'll be one of the family by then!)  You are welcome to contact us anytime for advice on any subject related to grooming or the industry.  If you forgot how to do something, which blade to use on what, or need advice on setting up your own business, or which job offer you should accept, we're always just a phone call or email away and eager to help! 


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