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Below is listed the recommended equipment.  If you already have it, or something equal, you can use that.  You may upgrade any of your equipment if you wish.  The cost of the complete kit as suggested is approximately $800.  You may also purchase your equipment each week or month as you need it.

On your first day...

bullet On your first day of class, we will provide you with tools to mark all of your equipment with your name or initials so that if you lay it down somewhere, we know who to return it to. 
bulletYou need to bring some sort of tool box or fishing tackle box to keep all of your equipment organized.  The tool box pictured below is the favorite among students and staff alike as it is on wheels and has plenty of room for added equipment.  It is also very reasonably priced at only $25 at Wal-mart!  

Dress Code

bulletYou will need a scrub type nylon smock top to wear to school every day.  If you have some, you can wear them but it must be made of nylon, not cotton (hair sticks to cotton and takes a long time to dry when you get wet!) 
bulletYou can wear black pants, shorts or skirts (no shorter than 1" above the knee) made of denim or nylon.  These are good fabrics because hair does not stick to them.  Sometimes you can find the nylon pants at Wal-Mart with the jogging type pants for as little as $10-$12.
bulletWear closed toed shoes with no heels.  Your shoes need to be comfortable and have non-skid soles like tennis shoes or crocs.

Equipment Needed:

This is the type of tool box most of the students like.  You can purchase this (Stanley brand) at Home Depot or Wal-Mart  or K-Mart for around $25.  It has a handle and is on wheels for easy transport if needed.  It has lots of room and divided compartments for your blades, scissors and other tools.













The First week, we provide everything you need except for a smock top
(see above) smock top

Week 2            Mini Grooms
1 nylon lead
1 greyhound comb
1 soft slicker brush
1 grooming loop
1 dremel
1 Andis AG2 clipper with #10 blade
1 large universal slicker brush
1 Furminator
1 pair blunt tipped curved scissors
1 cat claw scissors
1 #40 blade
1 ear powder
1 pair curved hemostats
1 quick stop
1 pack of grooming bands
1 set of dog muzzles
1 set of cat muzzles (optional)
1 Oster rake
1 pair 8” straight scissors
1 tool box to store equipment
1 Andis Kool Care plus

Week 3 Beginning Hair cuts and de-matting
1 pair 8” curved scissors
1 #7F blade
1 #5F blade
1 #15 blade
1 dematting comb
1 matt breaker

Week 4 Intermediate haircuts – Terriers, simple poodle cuts and longer Teddy bear cuts
1 #4F blade
1 #3 ¾ blade

Week 5 More Intermediate haircuts – Wheaton Terriers, Teddy bear cuts on curly coats, Snap On combs
1 set of 14 snap on combs
1 pair thinning shears
1 5/8 blade (optional)

That’s all that is required.  Lots of the students choose to add other stuff, but it’s not needed, just optional.  You can always add "cool" things as you see the instructors or other students use them and decide that you like them.

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